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After being defeated at the Eclipse Invasion, Aang was really down.
"Hey, Aang, come here and let's do some more training," Katara said, standing in the airbending temple's water fountain.
"I dunno, I don't really feel like training right now and besides, Zuko is laying in the fountain," Aang replied, gloomily.
"No, go ahead," Zuko said, "I was just leaving, to go fishing with the group."
"See, now come here," Katara insisted.
"Fine," Aang replied. He slipped of his robes and jumped into the fountain in his trunks.
He got in and lazily floated to the bottom.
"Hey, get up!" Katara yelled.
"I'm to upset to train right now," Aang said, his face sinking below the surface.
"If you don't cheer up, right now, I'll make you!" Katara shouted.
"Ugh," Aang groaned, sinking deeper.
"That's it, I've had it," she yelled. Katara moved her arms gracefully, waterbending Aang into an ice block that went all the way from his face, from his ankles.

Katara walked over to the end of the floating ice block and bended down at Aangs feet.
"Hey, wh-what are you doing?" Aang asked, nervously.
"Just cheering you up that's all," Katara said, sweetly.
"Um, that's okay, I think I'll just go lay down," Aang replied.
"No, no, no, I need to cheer you up right now," Katara said, "Aang, are you, by any chance, ticklish."
"What! Wh-Why would you ask that," Aang asked, frightened.
"Because, that's how I'll cheer you up," Katara replied as she drew one finger up his left sole, "And judging by your reaction, I'd say you are!"
"N-NO! I'm not t-ticklish at a-all," Aang stuttered, he remembered how the other airbenders use to hold him down and tickle him until he passed out. They usually, left his feet alone, though, because once they had tickled him there and he had destroyed a whole floor of a building, in his avatar state.
"Oh, but I think you are, and I just have to cheer you up," she replied calmly.
"NO, Please, don't I'll train with you, just please don't tickle my feet!" Aang yelled.
"I'm sorry, but I just don't see any other way to cheer you up," Katara said.

Just as Aang was about to make another plea, Katara reached down and with her long nails, poked all around Aang's foot, trying to find a ticklish spot. Much to her delight though, all of it was! Aang tried to break free, but he couldn't even wiggle his fingers. Katara, stopped poking a just started tickling and teasing, all around Aangs foot.
"Kootchie, Kootchie Koo, is the wittle avatar ticklish," She said, as she scratched his arches really well.
"NOOOAHAHAA HAHAPLEASEHAHA STOHAHAP!" He screamed in between his laughter. "KATARAHAHA PLEASE DON'T AAAA," shrieked Aang as she dug right into the area under his toes.
"Ya know Aang, I always knew you were ticklish, but I had no idea!" She yelled delightedly.

She kept tickling and tickling and he was howling with laughter, "HAHAHAHA NOOHAMOREHA PLEASEEEEE!" She decided he was a little short on air, so she stopped to give him a little break.
"Aang, you have got to have the most ticklish feet in all of the universe, although, it probably doesn't help that you keep off your feet a lot, with flying and stuff." Katara stated.
"You’re right, now will you please let me go," Aang pleaded.
"Not, just yet, I still have a couple tricks up my sleeve," She replied mischievously.
"NO PLEEASEHAHAHA NOHAHA MERCYHAHA!" He shouted just as she started to tickle again. Just when he though the worst of it was almost over, she pulled out a big fluffy feather and a long stiff feather, looking at him evily.

"NO, DON'T DO IT, PLEASE!" He shouted.
"Too, late," Katara says, as he pulls the big one threw his toes, back and forth and tickles his arches with the other.
"NOHOHAAHA NOT THAT HAHAAHA PLEAASEHAHA" he screams. He shouted and yelled and laughed hysterically, but she just kept on. Just then she turned the long, stiff feather around and started to scribble quickly on the side on his right arch, ball and heel. "HAHAHA I CAN'THAHA TAKE IT ANY MORE! HAHAHAHA PLEAAAHAHA!" Aang screamed, "AHAHAHA PLEASE PLEASE AHAHAA! AAAAAAAAAA, PLEASE I'M HAHA TOO TICKLISH HAHAHAAAHA!"

Then she suddenly stopped. "I think you've learned your lesson," Katara said, "Just don't put yourself down so much on failing, it was all our fault."
"Okay, now can you please let me out, it really freezing in h-here," Aang asked.
"Yeah, sure," she replied, releasing the ice and freeing him, but not before giving his sole one more tickle, recieving a yelp.
"Please, don't tell anyone else that I'm ticklish," Aang, said, "And I wish you wouldn't tickle me anymore either."
"Well, in respond to the first question, sure, but the second," she said, "I don't know."
"Fair enough, well, let's do some training!" he said enthusiastically.

'I wonder where else he's ticklish,' Katara though to herself, as she helped him up.
Also one of my earlier works, just recently put on deviantART. Hope you like it!
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fangirl923 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2015
Love this and your other stories :)
My feet are about as ticklish as Aang's
ReaverPan Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Love the F/M TICKLING STORY YOU DID here. I hope you make more with Katara doing this to aang.
jakiture Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011
you should make anoher oneikethis one with aang and katara
SilverMikazuki129 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011  Student Writer
Haha thanks and I did actually, on fanfic anyway
Squirrelboy45 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2008
Yay, a story about Aang's feet! ^^ I <3 Aang's feet. There's not enough fan art with his barefeet in them... lol.
SilverMikazuki129 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2008  Student Writer
yeah, i know! firtastic has one though
shadowandfriends Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2008
yes zuko could use a good laugh here and there
Gaaraluver23 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2008
I get the felling that Katara wil be doing this again. Alos will you do Zuko?
SilverMikazuki129 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2008  Student Writer
thanx and sure i'll probably put up one on zuko next
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